Research and Strategy Development

Before jumping right into the water, we work with you to first identify your key strengths, core competences, and unique advantages. We then research your industry, competitors, and target audience to take advantage of what has worked and where the voids are that your website could fill. Relating your web promotion strategy to your established marketing plan is key in becoming a prominent player in the web marketplace. A comprehensive analysis of your situation and target customer is important in identifiying how your marketing dollars should be spent.

After performing targeted research, it is time to develop, through brainstorming and using techniques that have worked, a strategy that will take you to the top. These strategies should be unique to your business and your brand image. Setting your e-business goals is a critical step. With out knowing where you want to go, it becomes difficult to get there. If you're driving across the country, you make sure you route the path that you will take. If you don't and just head west, you will end up spending more time at gas stations asking for directions. Similarly, with your internet marketing strategy, it is important to route the essential steps to take beforehand.

Creating benchmarks is vital to realizing that you have reached your destination in the most efficient manner. This is a way to quantify your results and easily judge, compared to your site reports and conversions, how effective the strategies chosen worked. Nothing is ever set in stone and strategies are left flexible to suit changes in the market and new technologies.

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