Solutions by Industry

B2B and Service
Companies that service mainly other companies and/or offer a professional service rather than a fixed product.

Organizations that promote the enlightment of others. May include, but not limited to, schools, libraries, and tutoring services.

Government and Industry
The foundation level of all businesses, government agencies and industrial firms specialize to cater to niche areas for mass development and production.

Health and Fitness
Among the most popular and quickest growing areas in business today. This category includes personal health and training companies along with larger medical / pharmaceutical agencies.

Media and Entertainment
With changes in the mediums to get the message across, media and entertainment companies must pursue new channels to provide rich content to their audiences.

Religious and Non-Profit
What is your message? Is it getting across to your members? Our tools allow religious and non-profit organizations to easily communicate with its member-base and notify them of upcoming events and recent happenings.

Retail and E-Commerce
How many clicks does it take to get your product sold? Get your target market looking at your products and convert them into customers.

Travel and Tourism
With the growth of discount travel, companies must now evolve to build tighter relationships with their customers.

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