Software Titles

Content Management System (CMS)
Enables easy and efficient management of pages on your site. (without any programming knowledge!)

Article Manager
Allows for dynamic presentation of news and industry information in an allocated section of the website. A newsreel is linked to this section and acts as a news update on the homepage.

Contact Manager
Allows your business to keep an organized record of your customers or clients, as well as their contact information.

Inventory Management System
Allows for display and management of inventory including details of each item.

Enables you to sell your products or services online, from your website.

Virtual / Mini Sites
Allows you to have multiple, independent websites with just one single back-end software.

e-sales Reporting
Allows you to manage and create sales reports easily and efficiently.

Utilizing Web 2.0 technologies, our blogger software can be integrated into your website to promote your ideas and attract site visitors.

Companies Manager
This software solution is a CRM tool for our business to business clients.

Mailing List / Mailers Manager
Allows for quick and easy sending of custom template newsletters to a mailing list managed by your site.

Document Manager
Allows for secure document exchange online to serve the business both internally and externally to site visitors and members.

Donations Manager
Allows a company to accept donations and contributions directly from their website.

Events Manager
Allows admin to present dynamic content on their site in regard to upcoming events.

Order Management
For fast and easy order processing, transaction tracking, and payment acceptance/confirmation.

Media Gallery
Similar to a photo gallery, the Media Gallery software allows users to upload even more forms of media such as video and audio content.

Dynamic Layout Headers
Allows for variety in page layouts

Portfolio Manager
Dynamically present your sample projects, past works, case studies, etc

Event Registration Module
Allows for Event Registration

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